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Say Ahh: Dental Care During the Pregnancy

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

No one that I know really enjoys a visit to a dentist – but here is why I had to make my appoint while expecting.

I, like probably many moms-to-be out there, incorrectly assumed that even if I am need of dental work, it’ll have to wait until after pregnancy. The baby’s needs come first. However, the night when I could not sleep because of my tooth pain, I quickly understood there would be no good if I keep waiting. If I put off seeking treatment, it’ll likely lead to further complications and tremendous pain. I doubted how long I could last without painkillers.

Therefore, I changed my mind, and I contacted my ob-gyn as the first thing in the morning. After getting the affirmative confirmation to a dentist, without hesitation, I did some digging online and made a free consultation to see a dentist at Oslo Dental Center (Oslo Tannlege Senter) in the city center.

After 15 min discussion about my situation, my fears, etc. we scheduled the next day appointment to take care of my problem. In fact, she confirmed, that teeth cleaning, dental X-rays and local anesthesia received during cavity fillings and root canals are all perfectly safe for expectant women during the second trimester.

And, oh, boy, I am glad that I made this decision. Long story short, my teeth situation was worse than I personally expected. So, taking care of those teeth, was the right thing to do.

Actually, I learned, a healthy mouth supports a healthy pregnancy, so in addition to going for frequent dental visits (usually every six months), it’s crucial to take extra-good care of our teeth at home. Here’s what I was advice on how to maintain good oral hygiene when expecting:

  • Brush the teeth twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste

  • Floss once daily

  • Limit sugary foods and drinks

  • Avoid brushing the teeth immediately after vomiting, which further exposes the teeth to stomach acids. Instead, rinse out the mouth with a cup of water and one teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize the acid. (While it does not apply to me, since I did not have morning sickness, I thought it was useful to know).

Now, that I am mid of the second trimester, and heading to my last appoint in several days, I decided to share my experience and learned lessons with the ladies out there, who may be in the similar situation and not sure what to do.

No matter if you have a tooth-ache or not, talk to your ob-gyn and together decide how to keep good oral hygiene during the pregnancy. Not only can you safely get cleanings and necessary dental work out of the way before baby arrives, but a visit to the dentist can resolve any uncomfortable pregnancy-related dental problems you may be experiencing and help keep you and baby healthy.

Nothing in this post should be used as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before. Everyone’s situation is unique and what may be safe for one person may not be safe for another.

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Takk for at du delte denne fantastiske artikkelen. Tannpleie er veldig viktig i alle situasjoner, mange mennesker er veldig uforsiktige med tannpleie og ikke bryr deg om tennene ordentlig, og noen år senere skader tennene. <a href="">TANNLEGEVAKT I OSLO </a>
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Tann Implant
Tann Implant
16. März 2021

I've been searching about this topic for 2 hours and here it is, amazingly written and appreciate that still person write on this kind of topic. Most people don't write about dental health problems that are why we need to share more about TannImplant. Thank you for sharing.

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16. März 2021
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