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Freebies for New and Expecting Parents

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Just a few days ago, I came across the website - Baby Pakker, while educating myself on preparing for our little bundle of joy. While this website does not sell any products, it was a jaw opening experience to find out that there is a great one place, providing a service to pregnant and new parents an overview of baby packages, starter kits, welcome packs, etc.

So, I did some digging, and I was pleasantly surprised that pregnant ladies in Norway are eligible to apply for free baby boxes from several sources. While I have a pretty good idea what I am getting for our baby girl, I have decided to try these boxes myself for several reasons. Besides the fact that it is advertised as FREE, I am hoping to learn a thing or two and test out different brands of products before truly deciding which ones I would like to use. At first look, it seems the contents of the boxes include useful items for mom-to-be and the newborn baby such as diapers, creams, shower gels, etc. Therefore, I have decided to share my personal journey, as a first-time mom-to-be, on this road with you. Hoping, you might find it useful. So, in this section of my blog, I will share my personal, honest thoughts and feelings about each box and service, I ordered myself, so you can have a better idea of what to expect and maybe adjust better in your journey.

  • FREE Baby Box from Apotek1

The first one I ordered, and it was available for next day pickup was the BabyBox® from Apotek1. The baby package is a free offer for pregnant and new-born parents to get it from 3 months before the term to 3 months after the baby is born. All I did was: downloaded the Apotek1 app for my android phone, opened the account, and right away I received the BabyBox ® coupon, so the next morning before taking a T-bane to work, I went to the nearest Apotek1 pharmacy (2 min walk away), showed my coupon at the cashier, and got the box within 15 secs. Honestly, I couldn't believe it was that simple and so fast. What a great way to start my journey on exploring these freebies.

While officially, this is what can be expected to be found inside the box, the content may vary. So, in this section, I share what I actually what found in my box.

Free Baby Box from Apotek1, Norway
©ITD 2019

Besides a bunch of informational flyers and magazines (in Norwegian), there were also the following:

- 5 units of Libero Touch No. 1 (2-5 kg) & 9 units of Libero Touch No. 2 (3 - 5 kg) diaper samples. While it was not in my plans to buy for our baby girl and the reviews are not ideal, now that I got them for free, I am definitely trying them out, and I will bring them with us to the hospital in the baby girl's bag once the time comes. The Libero Touch diapers are advertised as approved for Swan labeling, which means that they meet strict Nordic requirements for environment and health as well as for function and quality.

- 1 unit of Philips AVENT Ultra Air 0 - 6 months soother/ pacifier. It is in pretty light blue/ green color without sterilizing container though. So, while I do not have any particular pacifier in my mind for the baby girl at this moment, after reading the specifications, and all in all information, I feel obligated to order a set of my own and try out the real deal, because the moms out there seem to recommend to have several of them. For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to replace them every four weeks. Anyway, I am hoping, no matter what I choose, the girl will be on the same page, and she will like them too. It is advertised that all AVENT pacifiers are made of silicone and are tasteless and odorless, so the babies more easily accept them. Fingers crossed.

- 1 unit Philips AVENT Baby bottle (125 ml/ 4 oz). Based on their website, customers truly like it. I have been investigating about their breast mumps previously, so I am glad to know that the bottle is compatible with their pump system. Most importantly, it seems to be advertised as having a design that helps reduce common feeding problems such as colic, air problems, and reflux.

- 1 pack of 72 Dermica Baby Wipes. Moreover, while I am not planning to use disposable baby wipes of any kind at home, I am glad I received them in the package because I think they will come in handy once the baby girl and I are on the road. These baby wipes are advertised as being Swan-labeled, so they are good for babies and the environment, without dyes, cent, or parabens. I have to point out that the pack came with the sticker-like lid rather than the one showed in the photo on the Apotek1 list.

- 1 Mustela - Vitamin Barrier 10 ml sample tube. The cream is advertised as the one that has been specially formulated to tackle the factors that trigger baby bum irritation and redness thanks to a unique combination of patented natural active ingredients (98% ingredients of natural origin that are fragrance-free and do not contain preservatives).

- 1 pack of Always dailies Singles to Go (Size: Normal, 20 Units) on the Apotek1 list. I couldn't find the item on any online source. Therefore, I linked it to UK source for you to read about it. My family and I have been long term customers of Always, so I am definitely happy to receive this pack in the BabyBox, even though I am not sure yet how this item is particularly related to pregnancy and/ or giving birth.

- 1 pack of Dermica Baby Dry Disposable Cloths (100 units). While the item was not in my shopping list for the baby, it should come in handy once we are on the go. The cloths are advertised as being suitable for changing diapers and cleaning face and body.

- 1 tube of Bepanthen ointment (3.5 g sample) to prevent and nourish dry skin, and red baby bumps. It is also indicated that it can be used to lubricate the nipples after breastfeeding.

- 1 sample size (1.6 ml) of Medela Purelan nipple cream. Advertised as relieving, treating and preventing sore, sensitive, or dry nipples during pregnancy and lactation. It can also be used for dry lips, cuticles and dry skin all over the body, in both mother and child. It says it doesn't need to be washed away before breastfeeding. Purelan consists of 100% natural lanolin.

- 1 unit of Neutral detergent for sensitive skin (75 ml sample for color wash). It is different from the one indicated on the Apotek1 list. I will try this sample out right away while preparing our baby's nursery, diaper bag, etc. It seems it is a perfume-free detergent approved by Norway's asthma and allergy association.

- 2 pieces/unit of Philips AVENT Disposable Brest Pads to help to stay dry and comfortable during the day. It seems the product is no longer available on page.

- FREE Gjensidige Infant Insurance is free accident insurance for children from 0-6 months. It seems that if you have this insurance, you can also call skilled health personnel when the health centers are closed. You can order the infant insurance from before your child is born and until he or she is 3 months. The insurance is free and completely non-binding and automatically stops when your child becomes 6 months. It took me less than 5 minutes to sign up for it.

- 2 months FREE Viaplay card to watch latest movies, series, and kids favorites on a computer, TV, mobile, etc. While we do not watch TV, have no cable TV, and would rather go to the movie centers for few hours entertainment, I am pretty sure my hubby and I will definitely use this card since it is FREE. It is worth noting that the card was not listed on the Apotek1 list.

All in all, I am delighted I signed up for Apotek1 membership and redeemed this BabyBox. It has definitely the items I intend to use at some point in the future. I will share my personal experience in my future blog-post.

  • FREE Welcome Box from Sandviks

The cute welcome baby pack from the Goboken was also a lovely surprise that delivered next to the door. The box contained precisely as it was shown in the picture: a soft elephant rattle, a ball toy, a soft book, milestone cards, and a book - collection of rhymes, songs, and stories for the youngest edition to the family.

Free Baby Box + Shipping Cost from
©ITD 2019

It is important to point out that while the welcome pack is free, you need to pay the delivery cost. So, technically, for 69 KR, you get:

- Gullet Mitt book Have over 70 illustrated pages with a selection of fun rhymes, songs, and stories for quality time with your baby.

- Oball toy A colorful ball toy that it is advertised as easy to grasp, great for developing motor skills, stimulate child’s senses, etc.

- ELLI vognbok It is an adorable soft book that can be attached to the cart.

- Elefantrangle Elefant rattle to get the baby's attention, develop motor skills.

- Milepælkort Milestone cards will be great for taking pictures to record the first baby achievements.

It’s a subscription book box so if you don’t wish to continue receiving books after the free gift then you’ll have to cancel the subscription. I received the info about the new package being prepared and the date when it will be sent, probably, after a week or so. However, when I reviewed the info, I was not very convinced my baby needs the content of the box, so I easily canceled. I am not canceling the subscription, because I intend to use the service in the future. Just for now, I guess, I am being picky. Therefore, it is important to log in to account once a week or in two weeks, so they do not send something that I would not like.

  • FREE Angelcare Diaper Bucket from Barne Hus

Free Angelcare Diaper Bin from Barne Hus, Norway
©ITD 2019

Just for becoming a member of Barne Hus, I received an email with a coupon to redeem a free full-size Angelcare diaper bin. While I intend to use cloth diaper rather than the disposable ones, it looks quite useful since it is advertised to keep them sealed and smell free. It comes with the bags included, but you might want to pick up some more at the Barnas Hus while you are there. I did get Angelcare refill pack of 3. One thing less to worry in the future.

Also, I have to be honest, the quality of the bin is not the greatest. But how I dare to complain about it, when it is FREE.

  • FREE Baby Package from REMA 1000

The baby package from Rema 1000 contained everything indicated on the website. I genuinely think this box also meant to make life easier for us, parents, and the smallest bundle of joy. I love this idea of trying various products so I know what is best for my baby girl and us.

I truly appreciated the package. It was so comfortable to bring it home. I already imagine using it for grocery shopping. However, I did not make till home when the zipper got out. The quality of the bag was genuinely disappointing. Hashtag struggles of the pregnant.

Our surprise item to make the toddler period a little easier was a cute short-sleeved body. What a great way to start preparing for the time when she is a bit older. They say the time flies when they are little.

Anyhow, if you want to try it for yourself, you can order it here.

  • FREE Baby Package from KIWI

coming soon

Please note that some of the boxes come with certain terms and conditions. Be sure to read the fine print carefully.

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