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Teaching Taxonomy: Dichotomous Key

Learning about Taxonomy, classification, and the dichotomous key is all very well, but teaching these topics can be a dry practice, yet it doesn’t have to be.

Through my professional experience as an educator, I have noticed that students love cross-curricular activities. Perhaps, our favorite one, by far, was Art and Science, my students and I found it to be an engaging and refreshing combination when teaching/learning quite complex scientific concepts. And the best way to ensure that the information on this dichotomous key stays with students is to give them plenty of creative opportunities to practice using their new knowledge. Therefore, I have built content-rich supplementary resources to implement my Science curriculum on dichotomous keys.

To help you with your journey when teaching this topic, here are some resources I would like to share with you.

Click here to see other resources for teaching about dichotomous key. These resource are perfect for traditional classroom settings, 1:1 schools, or for distance learning.

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